Services Offered

Dr. Greenspan blends state-of-the-art advances with his caring attitude and soft touch to provide you with the highest level of specialty care.

  • Diagnosis of Oral-facial pain
  • Non-surgical Root Canal Treatment
  • Non-surgical Root Canal Re-treatment
  • Micro-Surgical treatment of diseased teeth and associated structures.
  • Conscious Sedation

Dr. Greenspan incorporates technologies that are proven to enhance his ability to diagnose and treat his patients at the highest level of expertise.

State of the Art Technologies

  • Operating Microscope
  • Microsurgical techniques
  • Digital Imaging (2-Dimensional)
  • Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT, 3-Dimensional)

Dr. Greenspan has been using the enhanced vision of the operating microscope since 1992. Digital imaging has been incorporated into the daily practice since 1997. 3D Imaging (CBCT) has been an addition to the practice since 2010.

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